This little enamel pin badge was designed by Master E. 

As you know friends, Mr & Mrs Rabbit is a family affair. Today, I would like to tell you (with his permission) about Master E.
Master E is in fact Mr E, he is nearly 20, just finishing the first year of his OU degree, he is a super chap. He has Dyspraxia or Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (DCD) so he finds lots of things particularly difficult.
He needs to follow a routine and where this is not possible this makes him anxious. Over the last few years, he has found a way of managing this anxiety and all the externals through the practice of drawing.
Paradoxically, this outlet presents a great challenge as it requires both dexterity and hand-eye coordination - the fine motor skills that he lacks. He finds writing incredibly tricky and was required to use a computer at school. His coordination limitations mean that it is unlikely that he will ever drive a car, limiting his independence.
He draws every day and loves to play with colour. The soothing, calming benefits of creating a practice of drawing have been so helpful.
Every day he tries and every day he progresses, and we wanted to celebrate his tenacity and his creativity and asked him if he would draw Mrs Rabbit. The resulting artwork was transformed by 'Made by Cooper' into this little enamel pin badge. 

If you are still reading this, you have my fondest love.
Thank you, dear friend,
Mrs Rabbit 🐰🌸

If you are interested to learn more about DCD (Dyspraxia) please look here;
Master E recommends the book ‘Caged in Chaos: A Dyspraxic Guide to Breaking Free’ by Victoria Briggs
To see more artwork from Master E you can find his Instagram ‘The Unknown Dyspraxic Artist’ (TUDA) here @the_unknown_dyspraxic_artist

Enamel Pin Badge