Degas Dancers ~ Rosamonde
Inspiration was taken from the impressionist painter Edgar Degas. His dancers are delicate, ethereal, graceful and Mrs Rabbit has tried to capture this in her dyeing methods!  
This new base is a blend of fine Merino & Mulberry Silk (75/25). It is a 4ply yarn but it has a generous, plump feel and is super soft, luxurious and silky.
Made from fully traceable, organically grown fleeces - the finest produced from the Falkland Islands, South Atlantic.
A 4ply weight, 100g skein, with 400 metres approx per 100g. 
All our skeins are hand-dyed in small batches using a range of professional acid dyes. We are conscious to be environmentally sound in our process and we, therefore, ensure that all the dye used is fully exhausted. We rinse the skeins until no colour remains, however, please be aware that a slight amount of colour bleed could occur and so we always suggest washing separately and by hand.
All indie dyed yarns are unique by virtue of the techniques used. This means that no two skeins will ever be exactly the same - the charm of indie dyeing!


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